Bedtime battles
Do you dread bedtime? I bet it involves hours of feeding or back-breaking rocking for them to ping awake instantly when you eventually lay them in their cot. Or is it a Mexican stand off each night with your 2 year old?
Night waking
Broken sleep is the worst. It could be 2 wakings or 10, every night is different and you get good weeks and think you've cracked it only to run head on into a shocker the following week. Are they hungry? Maybe he's teething. Is she poorly or coming down with a cold???
Non existent naps
Daytime sleep is so important for your child yet many parents struggle to even get a quick cat nap out of their little one because they fight it so much.
Reclaiming your bed
Sometimes bringing them into your bed is the only way anyone can get some sleep. If you're a 'reluctant co-sleeper' and done sharing a bed with your wriggle monster or your husband's back can't take the sofa anymore then you're in luck.
Ditching the Dummy
You're popping that dummy back in for the tenth time that night and cursing yourself for ever giving to your baby to begin with. You know child will sleep better without it but you dread the backlash of actually doing it.
Jack in the Boxes
As soon as you put them in bed, they are straight back out again, and again and again and again. Bedtime takes hours and you just give up on it during the night and let them climb into your bed.