I'm Sofie, a Child Sleep Consultant and I help exhausted and frustrated parents just like you resolve your child’s sleep challenges so you can all get an amazing night's sleep, more rest, and bundles of energy!

I’m guessing you can’t even believe you’re reading this page as you vowed you’d never go down the sleep training route when you were pregnant.
But you’ve literally read the entire internet on baby sleep, tried everything, every method, technique, program, and book that Amazon stocks. but seriously nothing has worked and you’re done.
Or your toddler is calling the shots in your house and running circles around you and your partner at bedtime. Tensions are high, nerves are frayed as you don’t know how to stop feeding them at night and get them to sleep in their own bed.
You just can’t cope with the screaming and the tantrums when all they want is to be in your bed and isn’t that where they should be?
That’s what you read everywhere. Let them in your bed as that’s the only way they’ll feel safe and loved? But you’re not getting any sleep as they toss and turn, fidget and fling themselves over your weary body. 
You’re at breaking point, you're snappy with your little one and irritable with your husband, you have no energy to play and do fun things anymore and Peppa Pig and Hey Duggee are doing a lot more entertaining than you’d like. 
Your husband says you should just go away for a few days and he’ll sort it. By what sort of Mum does that? Just leaves her child, won’t they feel abandoned? And what happens when you get back?
When you go it alone, it can feel massively overwhelming and scary. Are we doing the right thing, will this method work, what if she cries for hours and we damage her and she thinks we don’t love her! 
I’m telling you now Mama, it gets to be so different to this. 


✔️ Help your child to sleep through the night feeling all the love and support
✔️Continue to breastfeed your bubba whilst they sleep in their own room
✔️ Have a toddler that is happy and secure to sleep in his own bed all night (and not wake at the crack of dawn!)
✔️ Wake in the morning full of energy and do some yoga before breakfast
✔️ Drop your smiley little one off at nursery without guilt or tears and hed off to work & dazzle your clients
✔️ Book that well-needed beach holiday and relax knowing that sleep isn’t going to turn to sh*t and you might be able to read a whole book
✔️ Not live in fear of the next cold/cough/sickness bug or sleep regression as you’ve got your strategy locked in
I’ve been transforming the lives of 1000’s of families, saving marriages (& creating a few siblings wink wink) since 2015. I’ve worked with over 1250 families one-to-one and have worked through every single sleep challenge you can possibly imagine.
I’m a Mum of two awesome, funny and incredibly smart young girls who sleep so well and hardly ever get ill. I’m convinced that their solid sleep foundation has given them incredible immunity superpowers!
But it wasn’t always this way. 
I’ve done the hard yards, unwashed hair scraped up in the 'Mum Bun', faded joggers and last’s night’s milk and tear-stained t-shirt, pounding the streets in howling wind and rain(or seafront in my case as I live in Hove - actually) for hours getting my eldest to nap. 
It broke me mentally and physically.
I was so sleep-deprived that my mental and physical health really suffered. I was anxious and couldn't fall asleep despite being completely exhausted.  I ate really terribly: High energy, sugary and fatty foods. Or I just skipped meals and sunk a few glasses of wine in the evening.
My relationship was at breaking point, sleep was all I banged on about and I cried at some point every day.
You can read more about my personal journey here, I know that it has helped so many of my clients to know what I’ve been through and how I came out of the other side. 
But in short, being diagnosed with Post Natal Depression and getting help for that was the turning point. 
It made me see that asking for help was not the sign of a Mum that was a failure, it was in fact quite the opposite.
So when I came across a Sleep Consultant (in one of my many middle-of-the-night Googling sessions) who had a baby just like ours, I was given the glimmer of hope that things could change if I reached out to her.
We hired her and it was the best decision we ever made.  OUR LIVES WERE TRANSFORMED.
The experience was mind-blowingly positive and critically, it worked (!!!) and it became my mission to share what I’d learned and experienced with as many families as possible so that they weren’t robbed of the first year of parenting like me.


  • Your family, your choice. Do what’s right for your little team (not what anyone thinks)
  • That good sleep is vital for the health and well-being of your child
  • You value your needs as well as your children. You can’t pour from an empty (broken) cup
  • It is possible to teach your child sleep skills without breaking them or your special 


Families come to me because they want results and the results I get, will transform your family’s life. 
I look at your child’s sleep holistically, quite simply that means that we meet all of your child’s needs.
I’m always asked what methods I use and let me say right here, whilst how you support your child on their learning process is really important, it’s just one part of the puzzle and it’s not the missing piece.
You don’t need to leave your child to ‘cry it out’ or used ‘controlled crying’ to gets results. Even if you did, the results won’t last which is not my bag.
I will look at your child, your family unit and create a journey for you. That journey will change and evolve as we move through your program, reacting to how they (and you) respond. 
My high-touch, intensive, daily support is how I fully support and hold your hand along the journey and get you those results.
I’m like your new bestie at the end of the phone, ready to respond with cheers of motivation, reassuring guidance and accountability. You’ve got this because I’ve got you!
The two things that every family says after working with me…
...We wish we’d done this sooner & we could have never done it without you!


The ‘untrainable’. The ones where you have tried every single trick or method in the book and nothing works. God knows you’ve tried. Or maybe you’ve made some progress, so you know that they can do it, but it never last and that’s the most frustrating thing. 
It works for a few days/weeks or even months if you’re lucky and then without you changing a single thing, they’re back to waking every hour and you lose the will to live. You’re so over it and thinking and talking about sleep every moment of the day (and night because you’re awake for that as well right?)  and feel that you should just suck it up and accept that you’re not going to get any sleep for the next 5 years.
Having been blessed with one of my own, I also love the strong-willed ones, aka High Needs/Fussy. The children who don’t need as much sleep, the ones that arch their back and fight it with everything they’ve got! Hint … they do need just as much sleep but will need a lot more support in making that happen.
And I love those parents who are not even going anywhere near changing anything to do with sleep without the expert there guiding them through and holding their hand. I love you guys and your willingness to let go of control and trust me to take care of you and hold you on the journey to sleep and beyond.


When you make your booking, you’ll fill in a form to give me some background on your current sleep challenges and what you’re looking to achieve if we were to work together. 
In the call, I’ll ask you some more questions so I can give you some clarity on the sleep challenges, whether your sleep goals are realistic and achievable, and whether we are a good fit to work together.
If we are a good fit, I’ll share further details on my support packages and services and discuss more how I work and can help you reach your sleep goals.

What are the next steps after the Sleep Evaluation call?

If we are a good fit, you’ll be sent your Next Steps email.
This email contains 
  1. Sleep Questionnaire for completion
  2. Support Packages to choose from
  3. My next available start date
The start date offered to you will be held for 48 hours and the date will be confirmed (by email) as long as the Sleep Questionnaire, package and payment are received within this time.
We can discuss a suitable start date, and of course and find one that works for us both.
Your Sleep Plan will be written and then sent to you the day before the consultation so that you have the opportunity to read through and make some notes.
During the consultation, I will talk through the Sleep Plan and go into more detail on the strategy and any settling techniques, and of course cover all the questions that you have.
At the end of the consultation, we’ll confirm when you’ll be starting. The Telegram messaging support group will be set up for 9 am on the start date.