Absolutely not! I fully support and encourage you to continue to breastfeed your child for as long as you want. Your bespoke Sleep Plan and Strategy is written based on your family's preferences.

I can't stress enough that successful sleep training is much more than picking a method or technique and going for it. If it was, you would have nailed it by yourself and not be reading this.

There are numerous factors to take into account; age, health, weight, temperament, the family set up, environment, diet, exercise, stimulation, maternal mental health, etc.

I take all of these into account and of course, your own family goals, before even considering a sleep training technique.

Any methods or techniques I recommend are tried, tested, and proven but more importantly, they are gentle and sensitive. With virtually every family I recommend they start with a parent in the room with their baby or child.

As every child is so different and will respond differently, I like to blend methods. We will make tweaks and adjustments as we work through the plan and understand how your little one responds. This fine-tuning can only be done when you work with an expert one to one and this (for me) is the reason why I always achieve results with families that chose to hire me.

Ok, so I'm guessing you're in one of these two camps:

  1. We've tried everything under the sun to get our child to sleep. Controlled crying, pick up/put down, hand-holding, earlier bedtime, later bedtime, longer naps/shorter nap and no naps, dummies, white noise, and NOTHING works!
  2. We just have no idea what to do, too tired to think and just need someone to show us.

Whichever family camp you're in you'll be feeling skeptical. I know the idea that your sleep frustrations could all be over in just a couple of weeks is just too good to be true right?

No way, absolute fact weary Mama because I make a commitment to any family that chooses to hire me:

If at the end of the two weeks we haven’t quite managed to achieve all of your goals, then as long as you are following the Sleep Plan and my advice, I will carry on supporting you until we do. 

This is why I don't take on a new family until we have spoken in a Strategy Call. I won't work with you unless I'm 100% sure that I can help you and that you are committed too.

Convinced now? You better be! Book your Sleep Evaluation call here

There’s never going to be the perfect time to start and I’m of the opinion that the sooner you start the better as that's the way both you and your child are going to start getting the sleep you need.

However, commitment to implementing the plan and strategy with consistency is vital. Clearing your diary as much as possible in the time that we work together is ideal but especially in week one.

The location, duration and sleeping arrangements of your upcoming trip would be key to when then best time to start is.

I’ve had many families start sleep training at home and successfully maintained everything whilst away from home and I’ve even had a family start their sleep training journey whilst on holiday! En suite bathrooms can make the perfect nursery!

If you’re unsure about how your travel plans will effect sleep training then please get in touch here.

It’s never too late to improve the quality of your child’s sleep. If you have a child between the age of 0 and 6 years who has a behavioural sleep challenge then I can help you.

If you have an older child then it still isn’t too late as I have some amazing sleep contacts who would be happy to help.

Definitely not. I’m a Mum to two busy, young girls, and when they were little, staying in for naps just wasn't possible nor desirable!

A change of scenery, fresh air, vitamin D, playgroups, and meeting up with friends is just as important as sleep for you and your baby.

If one of your goals is to help your baby happily nap in their cot then we'll focus on that but also include the flexibility of napping out of the home so that you’re not climbing the walls.

A bit of a tricky question to answer but one I get asked all the time so I wanted to include it here.

More specifically your question might be ‘How long will it take for my baby to sleep through the night?’ or ‘How long will it take for my child to learn to fall asleep without a bottle of milk?’

The answer depends on your sleep training goals, the pace at which we decide to work, your child’s personality, and how consistent and committed you are to the Sleep Plan & Strategy.

That said, you will see a major improvement in your child’s sleep by the end of week one, and the vast majority, if not all, of your sleep goals, will be achieved by the end of week two.

I make a commitment to any family that chooses to hire me: If at the end of the two weeks we haven’t quite managed to achieve all of your goals, then as long as you are committed to following my advice and the Sleep Plan, then I commit to supporting you until all of your sleep goals are resolved.

This is why I don't take on a new family until we have spoken in a Sleep Evaluation call. I won't take you on unless I'm confident that I can help you. Book your Sleep Evaluation call here