Olive, 6 months

(Lockdown baby)

I was extremely tired and starting to get anxious about going to sleep myself as I knew it would be a matter of hours before I had to get up again. My little girl Olive was so tired and trying to get through the day but often we would both be exhausted and stressed by bed time.

Olive went from waking and feeding 3-4 times a night to now sleeping through the night at 6 months!

Sofie helped me to stop feeding to sleep and Olive now can self settle not only at home, but at my Mums too. Olive is sleeping really well in the day and nap time is no longer fraught and we have a really clear routine which works really well for us and ensures Olive is refreshed and making leaps and bounds in her development.

My partner and I are getting so much more sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day, for the first time since Olive was born.

I think as a sleep deprived parent you go into sleep training thinking your current situation is unlikely to change. But having Sofie there for you to help guide you through the process is invaluable and really helps to give you the confidence to get through the tricky times. Being where we are now I can't imagine just carrying on the way we did as it's just a million times better than I could have hoped!

I would say that you don't have to put up with this feeling of being so extremely exhausted all the time and there is help out there.

It is so incredibly worth doing and putting in the work as it can help your whole family.

I am so so happy I did it.

Life is amazing! We all have so much more energy, and sleep so much better. Our home is a happier and more peaceful place. Olive is doing fantastically and doing all the growing and learning that she needs to do as she is getting the rest that she needs. We have a great routine and work out socialising and baby classes around it.

I can't thank Sofie enough for all her support and expertise. Going out and carrying on the sleep work as a family I feel well equipped and prepared and know that we won't ever have to go back to those difficult sleepless days and nights!

Daniel, 19 weeks

(Lockdown baby)

Since our baby, Daniel, was 5 weeks old and developed silent reflux, we had to sling our baby to sleep during the day, and hold him to sleep at night. All day, every day, and all night every night. We tried teaching him to sleep in his crib but it was impossible - he didn't understand the concept of sleeping lying down!

One of us had to be with Daniel at all times which means we didn't have time for each other, or ourselves.

Nights are the toughest - parents were worried about safety holding/co-sleeping with Daniel, and Daniel didn't sleep well either, waking 5-6 times a night and settling only with boob (and sometimes not even with boob).

After working with Sofie, our 5-month-old started self-settling on Day 4. He now sleeps independently in his own little cot, day and night. He would only wake once for a feed at night, and usually would settle himself back to sleep easily.

Now mum and dad feel like they have some of their lives back as well!

We were unsure if sleep coaching would work for Daniel, full stop. We thought he was especially difficult, as we've seen him cry for up to an hour from a night waking unless we offered him the boob (and we were sure he wasn't hungry). We've also attempted pick-up-put-down and that failed miserably with the baby crying despite being picked up or put down.

Speaking with Sofie in the evaluation call, we were assured that what we were experiencing was very normal and typical reflux baby problems, and there was hope!

Sofie changed our parenting life! Or rather, she gave all of us a piece of our lives back (the baby's included).

Using the right strategy and being consistent with it is perhaps the most important thing in sleep coaching. While it is possible to DIY, let face it, we are no professionals and we don't want to trial and error with our lovely babies and have them crying for nothing. Just get a professional who has worked with hundreds and thousands of babies and knows what she/he is doing, and succeed. Sofie is that professional.

Life is great now that Daniel gets enough sleep, and mum and dad can actually sit down and eat together, nap, shower, shave and/or just chill! Thank you Sofie!




Patrick, 7 months

(Lockdown baby)

Before I hired Sofie I was at my wit's end trying to get Patrick to sleep. At 7 months old he would only nap fitfully in his pram and would wake every night anywhere between 5-12 times a night. I was exhausted and very low and didn't know where to turn before a friend recommended Sofie.

I got immediate and incredible results. From Day 1 Patrick was sleeping soundly during nap times and only waking once or twice in the night, a huge improvement for us. Patrick and I were both different people the next day, and ever since, he has been a happy, playful, well-rested baby and I am so grateful and glad I hired Sofie.

I thought it was an extravagance and did not necessarily think it would change anything, but I was so exhausted I decided anything was worth trying.

If you're sleep-deprived and at your wits' end, hire Sofie. She will get you back on track.

Hiring Sofie has changed my life. We were in a very low place, completely exhausted and struggling through each day and night. Now my son and I both get a full night's sleep, he gets three naps a day (and I get one) and when he's awake he's a different baby. He is happy and lively and I feel like I am just now getting to know him.




Rafi 3 years and Leila, 9 weeks

With Raphael life was tricky. We had just welcomed the arrival of our second baby and Raphael's sleep suddenly changed. He was refusing to sleep without us by his side and it would take him over an hour to fall asleep. He was also coming out of his bed in the middle of the night and trying to take him back in between newborn night feeds was a huge disruption and we were at our wits end!

We have our amazing sleeper back! He is absolutely fantastic. He now asks us to leave so he can sleep and requests the door to be closed. He waits in the morning until his clock indicates it's time to get up.

With Rafi we were concerned whether there would be any techniques that would work, given his age at the time (3) and that he was in a bed, with no way of containing him, unlike a baby!

We would say do not have any hesitation, absolutely go for it. Sofie is super friendly, understanding, patient and approaches the sleep challenges with positivity and determination- anything is possible! She has a gentle nature and guides you through the process. With Raphael she coached me before we implemented certain techniques and she was there virtually holding my hand throughout the evening. We felt incredibly supported.It is great.

Raphael asks to go to bed, it's brilliant. He is happy, secure and confident when it comes to bedtime and it's an enjoyable experience.

Sofie, from the bottom of my heart we want to thank you for everything. You helped us throughout a very emotional and stressful time and despite the challenges we faced with Raphael's sleep, you continued to come up with new ideas until we cracked it. I won't ever forget sitting outside his room and messaging you - you were there for me immediately and I never felt worried, just supported and confident as you took the time to educate me on what was to come.

With Leila being our second child, we had more experience, but this time round wanted to implement a routine earlier. We were very confused as to where to start given her young age and didn't want to restrict ourselves but equally wanted to introduce good sleep habits.

Leila is another superstar sleeper! She loves her routine, it fits perfectly with her brother's. A very happy little baby girl, getting enough sleep!

We were worried whether it was worth getting the help so early and if we could go it alone. Leila has taken to her routine beautifully and there are of course ups and downs as she develops but we don't let it phase us. What we have learnt is how to get things back on track and also how to relax and tweak our routines if we need.

With Leila I am so grateful for your time and sensitivity towards how I felt about teaching her sleep habits from such a young age. I was able to enjoy newborn cuddles at the same time teaching her the foundations for good sleep and as a result she sailed through the 4 month 'sleep regression' with problems at all.

You're a superstar and we are so glad we found you!


Anna, 19 weeks

(Lockdown baby)

Before sleep training, our baby was waking 6-7 times a night and being fed and bounced on the birthing ball to go back to sleep. Day naps were all in the sling which meant I couldn’t catch up. I was exhausted and the feeding and bouncing didn’t help my little one’s reflux. Going away also meant a mad rush to deflate the birthing ball and reinflate at the other end for bedtime.

Sleep improved from night 1 when wakes up went from 6/7 to 2 and by night 3 my baby was settling herself.

I was skeptical that sleep training wouldn’t work for us and felt like I’d tried everything already, but your knowledge and calmness gave me the confidence to try and, when I did, things changed so quickly. I also worried sleep training would be traumatic for me and my baby but it was so much easier than I thought. There were no long periods of crying and it’s removed the long night wake ups that were stressful for my baby as well as me.

I’ve already recommended you to so many people who have a baby who is not sleeping: why put up with it when you don’t need to and both of you could be getting the sleep you need?

Working with you has transformed not only sleep but my enjoyment of being a mum. My baby and are I are both better rested to enjoy our days together and I no longer dread nap times and bedtime. Sleep still is not perfect but I have the tools and confidence to work on things myself now.

I also have my evenings back to spend with my partner - no more constant settling or going to bed early to prepare for the night to come!




Violet, 20 weeks

Before we started Vi was permanently grumpy, and so were we! Daytime naps were non-existent and when she did sleep it would be fun up to 3 hours because she was so tired. Despite the long nap, she still woke up grumpy and tired. During the night we were up every 1-2 hours feeding and then trying to rock her back to sleep, which only worked a handful of times. We felt completely out of control.

Sofie is a miracle worker! We were astounded with how quickly Vi took to the programme and we saw an improvement in her sleep immediately. Most importantly for us, Vi’s mood improved, she was a happy baby! 9/10 times Vi still sleeps through the night with one feed, and when she does wake we both know our approach in dealing with it. The programme gave us a lot of confidence and helped us get back in tune with what Vi’s needs are.

I’m part of an NCT group and I was worried about what the other mums would think about us getting outside help, I thought it was something that I should have been able to deal with on my own. It’s funny how quickly all the other mums want your advice as soon as they hear your baby is sleeping! Becoming a new parent is scary enough and there is so much information out about how to tackle sleep. Sofie being honest about the situation and confident that she could help fille us with hope, not to mention that’s she’s just a lovely person who understands the pressures we put on ourselves as a new mum.

The idea of leaving Vi to cry on her own scared me, but this is far from the case. You are with your baby helping them to sleep and teaching them to fall asleep on their own. This programme helped me learn the difference between the ‘I’m tired and I want to go to sleep’ cry and the ‘I’m not ok’ cry.

Please don’t beat yourself up anymore, it’s ok to need help with this. Go to Sofie, she will help. It will be the best money you spend, better than another jumperoo! We can’t thank you enough Sofie! X



Ted, 5 months

Before we met Sofie, I can only describe life as 'completely exhausting'. Ted woke so frequently at night time that even though his cot was in our room, I stopped even bothering to get back into bed and just slept on the end of our bed under my dressing gown, like a family pet!
Bedtimes were okay but we would be on tenterhooks all evening, watching the monitor and dashing in to comfort him and replace his dummy or feed him etc. Then I would essentially be awake all night.

Daytime was probably worse. Ted grew out of napping in the sling and would only sleep in the pram. And only if I was pushing him fast, non-stop and outside. This was a marathon task every day to get him up, ready and in the pram before a tiredness meltdown and then walk, almost non stop for the whole morning and again the whole afternoon. I was doing well over 10km a day, come rain or shine. I was struggling and I felt very very trapped and like I had failed my poor tired baby.

Life couldn't be more different for us now. Ted naps in his cot, two or three times a day for long periods. Long enough that he wakes refreshed and cheerful...and ready for play! He settles himself to sleep, usually with no tears at all and within minutes.
He now wakes twice a night for a feed and then goes back to sleep, and we threw away all the dummies as there's now no need for them.
I have time for myself - to get ready in the morning, to do housework, to make dinner and even watch a bit of TV! Before Sofie I wouldn't have even had time to write this review!

I was worried that we would be doing controlled crying or cry it out strategies that really don't sit well with my parenting philosophy. But after talking to Sofie and meeting with her I felt reassured that she understood our concerns and that she took time to tailor her support to match our goals. She was patient but encouraging when we needed her to gently push us on. Sofie is all about giving the child space to let them demonstrate what they can do and this was such a great lesson for me not only in terms of sleep but in how I can help Ted to develop in lots of other ways too.

My advice is to just go for it because life is about balance and I've finally got that back. It doesn't have to be a struggle all day every day. You may not believe you can do it or that your child is the only one who'll never sleep! You may have tried everything but don't give up... Call Sofie.

Life has some sunshine to it, finally. Parenting is not ever going to be easy but it doesn't have to be so hard. Looking back now I can't believe what I was doing every day and how I stayed sane!

Eloise, 4 months

When I first visited Sofie's website and read the testimonials, it gave me so much hope, but also worried me that our baby would be the exception to the rule, and we would all be destined for no sleep until she left home... it all just seemed too good to be true!

I am writing this now at 9.30pm, our 5 month old, Eloise, has been sleeping soundly in her next2me crib since 7. I know she will wake up once for a feed in the night, and sleep through to 6-7am. All i can say is that it has totally changed mine, my husband's and Eloise's lives for the better! Motherhood is now what I expected it to be, not the daily (and nightly) struggle we were dealing with that had us at breaking point.

Eloise suffered from colic in her early months, and therefore needed to be fed/held to sleep all the time, meaning the habit of sleeping ON me got ingrained very quickly. As soon as I tried to put her down to sleep in the next2me crib, sleepyhead, on our bed (or anywhere really!) she would wake up and scream until she was back on me again. By 4 months, I was so sleep deprived, i was on the verge of PND. My relationship with my husband was strained, and Eloise was constantly cranky from where she wasn't getting quality sleep. In addition, all naps had to be in the baby carrier or buggy... my physical and mental health was worryingly poor.

From working with Sofie, we are now at the point (only 3 weeks later) where Eloise will go down to bed at night on average within 10 mins, and once she's asleep, we know she'll get a solid chunk before needing a feed in the early hours of the morning.. She now naps in her next2me crib, and often goes down with no fuss at all. We still like to mix it up with car/walk naps too, so that she can be flexible on where she sleeps, but having the choice is heaven!

We still get the odd curve ball (teething is a big issue right now), but working with Sofie taught us so much about how to read signals, understand sleep cues, use our intuition and keep things consistent.

My main worry about seeking help from a sleep consultant, was getting my hopes up and it not working. From my first call with Sofie, she reassured me that I wasn't alone, that a lot of what I experienced was common, and that she could help and it WOULD get better. I could have cried! Sofie has all the attributes of a fantastic sleep consultant. She provides the perfect balance of expertise and being caring/friendly/understanding, as well as being able to offer clear guidance and reassurance when emotions are running high, or a moment is particularly stressful. At the end of the day, she is working to help people who are desperate, sleep deprived, hormonal, stressed, overwhelmed (the list goes on!)... and deals with it so well. Sofie becomes totally invested in you, your child and the rest of the family. She isn't providing a one size fits all package and what we were doing for Eloise to settle after 2 weeks, was very different to what we were doing on day 1.. and the method was shaped by how she responded to different things Sofie was suggesting.

In turn, we learnt so much about what Eloise needed and how to handle her responses to bed/nap times in future ourselves (which often change due to the fact babies love to keep us on our toes!)

I don't think I can really put into words or do justice to how much better our lives are now. We're enjoying being a family, we're all happier and healthier. We owe so much to Sofie, and the best thing I ever did was fill in the enquiry form on her page. If you are reading this, it is likely you, or someone you know is suffering like we were, I really urge you to speak to Sofie, you will not regret it.

Luca, 12 months

Prior to Sofie we were exhausted, at rock bottom & desperate, our son was waking every hour or less right from bedtime, until we would bring him into bed with us where he would spend a lot of the night on the boob, and still not necessarily sleeping more.

We had a complete turn around once we started with Sofie. From day one our boy went without any boob all night, just 1 wake on day 1 and slept through after that!! He took a little longer with naps, which Sofie had predicted, in fact she predicted all his responses and helped us deal with each, until we could quickly say we had a sleeping baby!!

We couldn't believe that our baby could reach the goals we had set, we thought it was unrealistic to expect him to sleep through, without boob, & get our evenings back for us.

We worried any sleep training would have to involve tears and didn't want that. When we met Sofie, she was very honest, thorough and sympathetic to us and our son in her approach, she gave us hope!!

I have recommended Shuteye to everyone and anyone that is having any sleep problems with their little ones - quite simply it's the best money we ever spent and we wish we had done it sooner!!

We have sleep, not just short snippets to keep us going, but actual whole nights sleep!! Our relationship has also taken a huge boost at being able to have some quality time just the two of us, without worrying all evening which one of us will go and settle him. And our boy is just as happy as he always was(the training didn't make him hate us as we feared!!) only more rested and a bigger appetite to boot!!

We can't thankyou enough Sofie, you were so gentle and supportive, and really encouraged us each step of the way!!


Coralie, 15 months

Before we met with Sofie, our baby was coming in to bed with us every night, mostly whilst being breast fed. Any attempts to put her back in her own bed were futile. Daddy couldn't comfort her, only mummy. As a couple we hadn't been out together in 15 months.

Within 2 weeks we had a baby who slept 12 hours a night, 2 to 3 hours in the day and was happy to go to bed with either parent. We had our evenings back, time with our other children and we've even been out on a few dates!


We were worried about how the process would affect our other children but Sofie considered everyone when writing our plan and actually the other children didn't wake at all.

We have recommended Shuteye and Sofie already. We'd say it's worth every penny, that she is very supportive, very responsive and very knowledgeable in how to help babies sleep. We wish we'd used her service sooner.

Life is so much better. Happy baby. Happy parents, happy siblings. Thank you Sofie


Oscar, 16 months

Desperate for a decent night's sleep, we contacted Sofie to help us get our 16 month old boy Oscar sleeping through the night.

We were co-sleeping and feeding to sleep which meant that I went to bed when he did! On a good night he would wake a couple of times in the early hours, on a bad night every hour.

I was completely exhausted and Oscar sleeping through the night seemed like an impossible dream.

With Sofie's help, Oscar now sleeps in his cot from 6pm/7pm to usually 5am, occasionally 7am or later! He also goes down for decent naps in his cot which means I get some time to myself during the day.

We are very grateful to Sofie for her help - teaching Oscar to settle himself to sleep has literally changed our lives as we now have our evenings back to watch a film over a glass of wine and I have so much more energy and can be a better mum to Oscar now that I am getting a decent block of sleep.

Margot, 12 months 

I’m sat here writing this testimonial at 10.30pm with my husband and our daughter has been asleep in her cot since 7pm. I have no doubt that we will go to bed in a minute, stretch out in our bed and sleep all the way through until she wakes up at 6.30am. An evening totally to ourselves followed by 8 hours sleep is something we thought was impossible before we hired Sofie and now it’s our new reality.

Before we started sleep training, our daughter co-slept. We managed to put her down in the bed by 7.30 pm each night but I had to lie down next to her and feed her to sleep, only for her then to wake up constantly (me rushing in every time and feeding back to sleep again) until we would eventually give up and go to bed early with her and continue to feed all through the night just to help her get back to sleep again. Nap times meant either timed excursions with the pram or rocking her in the sling at home and then very gently trying to lie her down on the bed and unclip the sling without waking her - a pretty unsuccessful technique!

The night we called Sofie our daughter had woken 7 times in 3 hours and we were beyond breaking point. The longest she had ever slept for was 3 hours in 13 months. We never had time to ourselves and never managed to finish dinner together without having to rush in to put her back to sleep again.

Our family had been too nervous to babysit because everyone knew she relied so much on boobs that a date night was out of the question. We really didn’t know what to do and how to change the sleep association we had built up after being encouraged to feed her to sleep lying down after she suffered badly with colic and reflux and refused to lie on her back. Exhaustion was effecting us all and for so long we hoped she would just magically ‘grow out of it’ so we wouldn’t have to sleep train which we assumed involved a lot of crying.

We can honestly say now that hiring Sofie was the best decision we could have made for all of us. Sofie really listened to what we felt comfortable with and took on board our daughters history and really got to know her character and what she would respond well to.

It turned out that sleep training didn’t need to involve as much crying as we had anticipated and Sofie helped us to use a combination of techniques to ease our daughter off the suckling to sleep association to eventually being able to self soothe and sleep soundly through the night! I actually can’t believe I am writing that but it’s true!

It took us two and a half weeks of some dedicated hard work but one night things just clicked into place and ever since then we can now pop her in her cot awake after her bedtime routine, say goodnight and leave the room and she will fall asleep on her own without tears every time.

Anyone that is considering sleep training but is hesitant like we were, all I can say is- it’s only once you all start to sleep (baby included) do you realise just how much was missing before. They need to sleep just as much as you do (if not more) and teaching them the skills to do so is so important- it will change your lives!

I thought giving my daughter everything she seemed to want (boobies and cuddling) was the kindest, most natural thing to do and to a degree it has been but it got to a point where it just wasn’t working anymore and she wasn’t able to get herself into deep enough sleep because after each short sleep cycle she would wake up in a panic due to the lack of nipple in her mouth. She was tired. I was tired and we really, really needed some help and support.

Sofie has been amazing and we couldn’t recommend her more highly. Thank you sofie, you have been our saviour! Our daughter is a happy, rested and confident little girl and her new found sleep pattern has come at the right time for starting nursery.

Wilf, 5.5 months

When we got in touch with Sofie we were at our wit’s end. Wilf’s naps were short and patchy, and to get any naps longer then 35 minutes we had to be out for hours with the pram. Wilf’s sleep had been bad from the start, and once the 4 month regression hit at 3.5 months he was waking up sometimes every hour. We classed 2 hours in a row as a long stretch. We had been rocking Wilf to sleep as well, and couldn’t carry on as he’s a big boy!

We opted to have Sofie stay the first night with us to get us off on the right foot. We were both a little unsure how we would cope with the transition from our room to his cot, and getting rid of the Sleepyhead, as well as everything else, so we felt this was the right way to go.

We couldn’t have been happier. Sofie was calm, reassuring and the perfect person to have there, giving us advice about everything that happened during the first night.

Within a week of implementing the sleep plan, Wilf was self settling in his cot for naps, and he now mostly self settles at night, or he needs only a very little help.

We usually have to wake him up from his naps and he generally only wakes up for one feed in the middle of the night. He has even slept through a few times. The difference is just unbelievable.

We would recommend Sofie to anyone.’


Jude, 6 months

We are definitely those parents who wish we had reached out sooner!

Our 6 month old had been a good sleeper but a combination of illness and the 4month sleep regression hit his sleep hard but with Sofie’s help we went from him waking every 2 hours to only twice in the night within 2 weeks and shortly after he dropped these feeds also.

We also ended the nap battles and now have a little one who can self settle at all naps, bedtime and in the night. He also has a flexible routine that allows us to still attend groups.

Sofie’s tailored approach made such a difference after months of trying endless other routines and sleep training and we even started on a 2 week holiday! It is amazing what can be achieved with her help and an ensuite bathroom!

Her support really helped us remain consistent where we had previously floundered and I found her approach gentle and flexible (unlike many of the books!).

We also feel we now have the tools to address further sleep challenges that might come up in the future and Sofie offers a great programme for ongoing support. Thank you so much for helping restore our family’s sleep!


Sophie, 8 months

When we called Sofie we had been surviving for months on a few hours sleep a night.

Our eight month old daughter Sophie refused to go down in her cot and so she was napping on me and we were even having dinner in near silence in our bedroom whilst we made sure she didn't roll off our bed!

This set up, as strange as it may sound, worked for a while, but we knew it was not sustainable.

Starting Sofie's sleep plan required a big leap of faith but by the third night Sophie was sleeping through the night and going down in her cot for naps.

Sofie was a fantastic support - calm, reassuring and empowering! The effect on our quality of life has been immeasurable.   Thank you Sofie!


Adam, 22 months

Sofie is a miracle worker. I honestly thought there was something medically wrong with Adam (22months)
He was worse then a new born. After spending at least 45 mins patting him to sleep with him trying to escape he would always wake after an hour crying and would take forever to settle. Then he would wake up consistly throughout the night, 30mins minimum max after 2 hours. It got so bad with having a 6 months baby to deal with too that he would end up in our bed.

while Adams asleep it had to be deadly silent otherwise he'd wake up, with a 6 month old baby every night was a nightmare

Sofie listened to every tiny detail and took all my worries into account. I didn't actually think it would be possible to sleep train Adam with another baby but she guided me to make it out and it did

I prepared myself for the worst, I planned to stay awake throughout the nights to make it easier then waking up every hour. But to my surprise the first night wasn't as bad as I expected it to be and I managed to sleep for 7 hours straight towards the end of the night and that hasn't happened since the day he was born.

It was a very hard week but ever bit of effort and patience I put into sleep training him was absolutely worth it and Sofie was there to remind me of that

Her techniques got Adam to sleep through the night in his room in 7 days! I never thought he could do it, he became a different person at night. And it made me realise just how tired he was all this time.

Sofie also introduced another amazing thing into Adam life which is reading. Hes always such a busy body that he'd never sit for a second and getting him to listen to a short story was mission impossible. Now he loves books,he comes to me with books and he even sits down to look at the pictures on his own.

Sofie has completely changed all of our lives. Adams well rested, my husband and I enjoy our evenings together. Ive become a better mum now that I'm actually getting some sleep. We're all very happy thanks to Sofie.

Sofie's a very good listener and very supportive, she didn't judge me for anything I did or didn't do. her passion for this is what made me know I was trusting the right person to help Adam sleep. I feel like I owe her sooooo much and cant believe i didn't reach out for help sooner. Every tired parent needs to know about Sofie and her magic because it really does work!


Felix, 22 months

At 5 months old, Felix would literally wake up in one hour intervals through the night. He would only fall asleep by rocking and that didn't work that smoothly. Bedtime was stressful and it was taking hours to get him to go to sleep. Nights would end with Felix sleeping in my bed, with my husband on the sofa bed. I was feeding thought the night and my husband and I where beyond exhausted. We could not go on as we where.

Of course we worried getting started, in the main about tears but Felix responded really quickly to the new bedtime routine. He learnt to put himself back to sleep and after a week he was sleeping thought the night - bar one night feed which he later dropped. The first night was anti-climax as my husband put him down and he went to sleep. It was almost like he was relieved we stopped rocking him. The results have been amazing. On reflection my husband and I learnt so much from working with Sofie. Habits can be changed. We thought we had a baby which would never sleep. It turns out we needed to get the bedroom environment right and the bedtime routine consistent.

Sofie was great to work with. She is passionate about children's sleep. She listens to the problems and helps you work to your goals step by step which you need when you are sleep deprived.


Minnie, 13 months

Aaron and I are really pleased with Minnie's progress so far. When we started she was waking up an hour after we put her down and only going back to sleep if me or my husband (granddad!) got into bed with her. Now she's routinely sleeping until at least 5am - sometimes through the night, and I'm sure that will get continue to get better with time.

I really appreciated the Whatsapp contact - there are always a million and one questions buzzing around my head with regards to her sleep so it was fantastic to have you there to pester! I also liked the sleep log and have continued to use a scaled down version of it to help me visualise how much sleep she has had and what time she should go to bed for naps/bedtime.

The other great thing is reading - prior to the sleep training she wasn't into books at all, but now reading is her favourite thing. She goes to the bookshelf and has her own area - she loves picking a book and running over with it to sit in our laps and have a cuddle and read.
Thanks again!


Isaac, 10 months 

10 months old Isaac had never slept through the night. He was waking hourly, refused to sleep in his cot and would only nap in a moving pushchair. My husband & I were completely frazzled!

When I heard about Sofie I wasn't sure but my husband convinced me to give it a go...... it's the best thing I ever did!

The first night was tough but he slept through on the second night and has done so now for the last 3 months. He also naps perfectly twice a day.

Most importantly though Isaac is so much more happier. My house is a different place now we are all sleeping. I still can't believe it worked.

Sofie I can't thank you enough. For anyone considering using sofie please do, it will honestly change your life!

Ronnie, 9 months

When we started working with Sofie I was very apprehensive...I was worried it would involve a lot of tears from both Ronnie and me. He was a co-sleeping boob monster so I really thought it would be hard work. He would sleep 4 hours in his cot in our room, then would wake and get in with us and he only ever napped in the sling or on Daddy. It was getting worse and worse and I was so exhausted from feeding him all night long. It wasn't working for any of us anymore and something needed to happen.

It's been just over 3 weeks since we started...night 1 was hard...night 2 he slept through...night 3 he woke once and ever since he's slept through!!! 6 til 6 (sometimes we have to wake him at 7!). It honestly feels like a miracle. Naps took a little longer to nail but we can safely say he takes 2 decent naps a day...in his cot! As of night 3 he no longer fed at night and now goes 12 hours without boob!

It's honestly amazing. It was hard but not anywhere near as hard or stressful as we imagined. He took to it very well and it was clearly me wanting to keep up the co-sleeping and feeding as Ronnie was obviously ready for this.

It is harder for us than them! Trust me!

Sofie has been amazing and given us the push we needed. She's been so gentle and supportive the whole way and never made us do anything we were not happy with. She took in to account all our aims and I can happily say we have ticked off every one. She made sure of that! It was very tailored to our parenting style and Ronnie and he's taken to it very well and with ease. That can only be due to Sofie and the way she picks her methods so carefully to suit.

We really cannot thank or recommend Sofie enough!

If you're wondering whether it's for you...do it! It sounds cheesy but it's honestly life changing and still quite bizarre to us that it's possible and is happening! I even managed my first night away in week 2, and have had a date night with both of us since, someone else even got him to bed!

You and your babes need the sleep, don't go on being so exhausted you can't function. Get some help and if you're feeding your bubba all night give those boobs a rest!

Thank you Sofie!

Shelby, 16 months 

I thought I was just unlucky to have a second child who slept badly. I was resigned to not being able to do anything about it other than wait and hope that she would soon turn a corner. Then, at 19 months old, Shelby ended up in hospital and once she had recovered I was on my knees due to lack of sleep.

My friend recommended Shut Eye and I thought, it will never work.
I spoke to Sofie and decided to give it a go.
After discussing the sleep plan I thought that I knew my daughter best, that this wasn't going to work and that what had been recommended felt like it would work for another child, but not my daughter.
We started the sleep plan with an open mind and felt really empowered by Sofie to follow the plan through.
Night one felt daunting - I threw the dummies and bottles away which she had never slept without ( my choice ) and we began.
Night one was hard, night two was easier. Night three, four and every night since - she has slept for a minimum of 12 hours and has had a 2 hour lunchtime nap every day.
To say this is miraculous and that it has changed our family life doesn't even come close.
I wish we had done this years ago with our son but I'm so glad we did it with Shelby.
Sofie was supportive and friendly and really listened to the problem and what we wanted to achieve and most of all, it worked!S

Phoebe, 12 months

Like many first time parents, we got in to bad habits trying to get our daughter Phoebe to sleep. 12 months on, we found ourselves with a 1 year old that had to be rocked to sleep and woke constantly. With me returning to work imminently and Phoebe heading off to childcare we knew things had to change.

Having attempted 'controlled crying' extremely consistently for 3 weeks, things had gone from bad to worse and it appeared that Phoebe was the only child this approach didn't work for.

In despair we searched for a sleep consultant and haven't looked back ever since finding Shuteye. Since working with Sofie, the change has been unbelievable. From day 3, Phoebe has slept through and self settles - something we thought was an urban myth!!

Sofie took time to understand Phoebe and tailor a plan that considered her needs, personality and our family life. Sofie was always at the end of a phone with encouraging words and helpful advice.

We cannot recommend Sofie enough. Family life is so much easier, happier and more fulfilling now that we are all getting a good nights sleep.

Baby girl, 6 months

When we approached Sofie for help, it was with much hesitation.
For 2 months, our little girl had been waking every sleep cycle through the night (every 45 minutes most nights) and needed me to get her back to sleep. She is exclusively breastfed, and needed me to breastfeed her to fall back to sleep. Except she wasn't really feeding, she had just developed an association between suckling and sleep.
Night after night after night I would be up and down the stairs every time she woke. Each time, once asleep, I would carefully put her back in her cot until I went to bed myself, at which point she would come in with me as it was the only way I could get any rest during the night. I don't know how I was able to function during this time. I did not have a solid chunk of sleep in 2 months and I was completely exhausted.
Our daughter is what you might call 'high needs' - full of energy and personality, and incredibly determined! She would fight sleep all the time, not just at night, and she was easily woken so any little noise and ping, awake! Naps were all over the place - I would feed her lying down on our bed, and hope she would fall asleep, then I'd have to stay there until she woke up. If we were out, it would take a good 30 minutes walking in the pram, or a 20 minute drive, to get her to sleep (with lots of crying) - but she would normally only sleep 20-30 mins. I knew she was becoming more and more overtired as she was not getting enough sleep - chronically overtired as Sofie told us.
We knew it was going to be tough to change things, but we also knew we needed to do something to make life happier for us all.
Sofie really knows her stuff and is on hand to offer lots of reassurance and guidance. Sleep coaching is not easy. But it is possible. I was so worried about our daughter crying endlessly, but this didn't happen. She actually used to cry more when going off to sleep by the old methods than she did during the sleep training. Within a very short period of time it was as if she realised that we were showing her how to fall asleep, and she really embraced it! She now sleeps about 11 hours straight at night, and naps for usually about an hour. Amazing!
There have been a few bumps in the road, and we still get days where she fights sleep, but I no longer have to let her suckle to fall asleep and now she can resettle herself if she wakes. We can put her in her cot and she will go to sleep without any intervention. I never could have imagined that was possible a few months ago!
Now my husband and I have our evenings back, I get to have a proper sleep almost every night, and we have a well-rested baby.
I would not hesitate to recommend Sofie.


Lawson, 8 months

Sofie, a heart-felt thank you for all your sleep help! I really don't feel like we'd be where we are now without you.

Going from a place of utter sleep horror to now having a proper understanding of sleep and how to approach it, means we now have a baby that, so far, consistently sleeps through the night, naps in his cot (twice a day and sometimes for 2 hours!) AND who takes a bottle - all things which seemed no more than a wish list when we first met you but all of which are now a reality.
To anyone reading this who is considering working with Sofie, and to anyone who has found themselves in a situation where feeding to sleep has stopped working and where daytime sleep only ever happens on car journeys or out in the pram, I encourage you to be coached by Sofie. Don't waste time; get sleep sorted, get your life back and enjoy your well rested baby.

Ethan, 6 months

My son Ethan was quite a good sleeper between about 2-4 months, when he would sleep through the night from 8pm to 6/7am about half of the time, and the other half he would wake just once for a feed. Then the dreaded 4-month sleep regression came around 4 1/2 month, when he started waking several times a night, sometimes every half an hour!

It became progressively worse after a trip to Hong Kong to visit my family. Beforehand it was enough to put him back to sleep by giving him a dummy, holding his hands and shushing - he only needed picking up occasionally. However, after Hong Kong, he started consistently waking multiple times throughout the night every hour or two. Almost every other night he would stay awake for an hour or two, and would only settle when I pick him up and let him fall asleep in my arms until he's fast asleep - even then, there is no guarantee that I can put him back in his cot. The early morning waking is the worst as almost every time he is unable to settle down and I basically have to give up after two hours of trying.

Ethan was not very good at napping either. Everyday I tried to ensure that he takes regular naps, but he would almost always wake from his nap after half an hour. In fact I have been so concerned by his naps to the extent that everything revolves around his naps!

A friend of mine mentioned Sofie to me but I was sceptical at first, as I have tried various sleep training methods I read up on the internet, and he could already fall asleep in his bed both with only a little help from me - giving him a dummy, and sometimes stroking his chest. He also had a pretty good bedtime routine and he has no problem falling asleep normally, so I could not see what Sofie could do differently.

However, the frequent (and often long) night wakings were taking their tolls on me both physically and emotionally, and I lost my temper with Ethan almost every night which made me feel so guilty. I have resorted to letting him sleep in our bed a few mornings after battling for several hours after an early morning waking - it was the only way everyone can get some sleep! So I eventually decided to contact Sofie.

Sofie was very sympathetic and assured me that we can get Ethan to sleep through the night and has two restorative naps during the day in two weeks. I did not really believe it can happen in two weeks but it was getting so bad that I thought any improvement would be worthwhile.

Sofie provided a sleep plan just a couple of days after our phone call, and the plan involved only small changes to our old routine so it was not too hard to implement. As soon as we started Ethan's sleep plan, we saw improvements very quickly. He went from waking once on the first night for 2 hours to basically sleeping through in the matter of a few days. Also, straight away from the first day he slept for just over an hour for each of his two naps.

Sofie has been so supportive throughout the two weeks it really made all the difference - there has been a couple of tough nights and I probably would have given up were it not for Sofie's support!

Thank you very much, Sofie, Ethan now wakes up well rested and happy, and we can all enjoy our time together!

Emily, 26 months

After nearly 2 and a half years of sleep deprivation, a friend suggested I contact Sofie. Within a matter of days, I could not believe the difference. No more feeding to sleep, creeping around in the dark, sleeping on the floor by my daughter's bed, or having to share our bed. No more screaming at bedtime or 5.30am starts, and refusing to nap during the day!

We have been through it all. There were so many issues to fix and I thought a good outcome would be just solving one or two of the problems. Sofie worked closely with our family to understand my daughter's personality and our parenting style before putting together the sleep plan. Three weeks on and I still cannot believe the change. Bedtime is actually a nice, rather than dreaded experience. My daughter is in bed from 7/7.30pm - 7am every night. She sleeps though the night, and if she does wakes up for a minute or two doesn't feel the need to scream about it! She has even started napping again! This experience has been a life changer for our family. For anyone currently in a sleep deprived haze, I would highly recommend Sofie. Thanks Sofie for all your help! x

Elliott, 21 months

“Can I just say, a massive thank you. You have saved my sanity and quite probably my marriage! I guess you really just don't understand how much long term lack of sleep really affects everything you do, feel and say.

I'm afraid I can't really offer much constructive feedback as I can't see how the experience could have been much better.  I wasn't judged or made to feel uncomfortable, you took my fears on board, put me at ease and worked with me the whole way through. I felt well prepared going into it, well supported and encouraged throughout, and got the results I was after, after only one night no less! I only wish we had done this sooner ! Elliott is still sleeping through the night and has no issues putting himself to sleep. You've been an absolute star, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to every tired mummy and daddy I come across.”

Lucas, 8 months

"We can't thank you enough - you have been incredible. We have gone from no more than two hours sleep a night, to actually being able to have a bit of grown-up time and more importantly, sleep, and I mean proper eight-hours worth of sleep! I was really worried initially about what sort of recommendations you were going to make, particularly as I thought that you were just going to tell me to let him cry which is the last thing I wanted to do but you didn't and the plan you put into place for us has worked wonders. We have now reclaimed our evenings and even our eldest son has a bit more structure to his bedtime. 

You have played a fantastic part in bringing us back to a 'normal' family life and I'm actually missing our evening chats. Thanks so much for your advice and support."

Hugo, 28 months

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you from us - we're getting there in our house now thanks to the support and encouragement you've given us to tackle Hugo's sleep. You made us feel brave enough to tackle everything in one go which worked like a dream. We have a happier Hugo and his older brother is so much brighter too"

Lucian, 10 months

"Sofie is something of a miracle worker. In just a few days, through careful questioning about our habits and a few adjustments to Lucian’s sleep routine, he went from from waking 4 or 5 times a night to sleeping 12 hours straight though. It’s hard to overstate the positive impact this has had on our lives and Lucian’s. Sofie guided us through the process gently and with the minimum of distress to Lucian. We would happily recommend Sofie to any parents who are struggling with sleep or just think their child would benefit from better quality sleep habits."

Annie, 12 months

"I found Sofie very attentive and understanding of the problems I had with Annie's sleep and she was happy to work slowly and not leave her to cry which is something I definitely didnt want to do. We had very little crying although it took longer it felt easier to do as I didn't feel upset."

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