Often new Mum’s and Dad’s judge how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ their new baby is based on how much they sleep! One of the most important things I can share with you straight away is that how your child sleeps isn’t down to luck and getting a ‘good’ one.
Sleep is a skill that in many children needs to be taught. Just as they need to be taught to feed themselves and learn to walk, children also need help learning how and why they should sleep.

Parents can feel pretty lost and helpless when it comes to their child’s sleep, I know I did. All medical and support professionals seem to tell you is ‘ it’s normal, they’ll grow out of it’ and on the other hand you’re overwhelmed with advice and conflicting information from books and the internet. Really useful for an exhausted parent of one or more children who may have been enduring nights of broken sleep for a few months or few years!

My secret formula
The key to my success is getting a really clear understanding of you, your child and your goals.

I utilise my in depth knowledge, my real time training as a Mum and experience of teaching independent sleep to my own child and present your family with a strategy to reach those goals.

My recommendations and methods are sensitive to the needs of you and your family and can be tweaked and flexed in line with your progress. Children are little people and not robots and a one-size fits all approach just doesn’t work.

What I ask of you
I’m completely non-judgmental (I’m a Mum that has been there remember) and so I ask my families to be open and honest about their situation. No sugar coating required. If you want to reach your goals you must also be open to advice and to make change.

These are some of the common areas that I support families with:
• Frequent night waking
• Bedtime battles
• Naps
• Ditching the dummy
• Transitions: dropping naps, moving from cot to toddler bed, arrival of a sibling
• Establishing great sleep habits from birth

And a few things that will come as an added bonus:
• Improving your relationship with your partner
• A happier and more contented child
• Less tantrums (if only we could get rid of them all!)
• Get back to enjoying being a parent

You’re not a failure for asking for help, in fact quite the opposite. It takes a strong and intuitive parent to know when they need help and to ask for it.

Book in your no obligation Sleep Success Strategy call now. Every family I work with tells me they wish they’d done it sooner, your time is now.