My 8-month-old is exhausting me from feeding all night. I know she’ll sleep better if she learns to fall asleep without feed but what happens when she gets a cold or is teething? I can’t face having to sleep train her all over again.

Ooooh, great to hear you using your intuition here!  You can feel that feeding to sleep is no longer working so well for your baby or your sleep needs and that she will sleep better falling asleep without it. That’s a great starting place for sleep training. You have a sense inside that they’re going to […]

How can I make bedtime calmer?

Great question here. Bedtime can be such a special time with our little ones. Snuggling down for bedtime stories and cuddles before smothering them in kisses and tucking them in for the night. Or, it can fill you dread as you be prepare for battle and the Mexican stand-off. Here are some top tips to calm things down.Make […]

Sleep falls to pieces at nursery, what can I do?

Enter your text here… Today’s question is about naps at nursery. It’s a tricky one as there is only so much you can do as ultimately, it’s out of your control but here are my top tips…Understand the exact set up with nursery. Where they sleep, what time, how do they fall asleep etc. Once you can […]

I really want my 7-month-old to nap for longer in his cot,

Another fab question and I’m pleased that this has been asked because I know that so many parents think that sleep training means rigid schedules and staying in the house all day to stick to napping in the cot. Let me tell you that it doesn’t and staying in the house all day is not going […]

How will I know when my baby is ready to stop feeding at night?

Well this is the million dollar question right?! The truth is that you’re going to get a tonne of different answers from loads of sleep experts and well-meaning friends and family which will drive you crazy insane and frozen in fear of doing the wrong thing and potentially starving your baby. Do you know what? I can’t […]