How can I make bedtime calmer?

Great question here.

Bedtime can be such a special time with our little ones. Snuggling down for bedtime stories and cuddles before smothering them in kisses and tucking them in for the night.

Or, it can fill you dread as you be prepare for battle and the Mexican stand-off.

Here are some top tips to calm things down.

  • Make sure the bath isn’t like a visit to a waterpark. It should part of the wind down routine, not high energy splashing, crashing and a tonne of toys in the bath. Stick to one toy to avoid over stimulation
  • A bath should be no more than 10 minutes max, any longer than that and it becomes an activity.
  • Skip the bath! When children meltdown after getting out of the bath, it’s a sign that they’re overtired and need to get to bed asap. Avoid tears from the get-go and skip the bath, give them a quick wash so you have time for the stories and snuggles.
  • They might be a little hangry so if they still have milk, give them some before the bath so their tummy isn’t running on empty

I hope this helps and if you have a question you want to submit? Send it to with the title PARENT QUESTION.

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