You feel anxious about doing it all alone. You need support and daily contact. You want the ability to message me your questions, concerns, and queries as and when they arise.

  • Should I go back into her bedroom?
  • She’s getting upset now – when should I pick her up?
  • How do I settle her, after X, Y or Z?!

This package provides all the support you need. You don’t have to face a long day feeling alone.


Daily support via WhatsApp to virtually hold your hand and guide you through the process.

We also speak every few days with our catch up calls, to talk through progress in more detail.

The peace of mind by having me there at the end of the phone is what gives you confidence in the process.

You’ll be able to pop messages across whenever you like and I'll be there to support you and reply from 8 am - 9 pm, helping you navigate the tricky bedtimes or nail naps at home. This nap support is invaluable for babies under 12 months!

It’s a little more hand-holding on the journey to sleep.

Support will be given in a WhatsApp group – the group can be for both or just one parent and include any other carers or grandparents.

This 'high touch' approach and support is how I get families results. 

Prices from £417

Every family tells me that they wish they'd done it sooner so find out how I can help with your sleep challenges by booking your no-obligation Sleep Evaluation call today.


Hands-on, by-your-side support for implementing your Sleep Success Plan

At this stage, you’re not just struggling, you’re desperate. Your head is foggy, and the thought of grappling with a Sleep Strategy alone is JUST, TOO, MUCH. In fact, it’s work enough even to read this text through your bleary eyes. I completely understand. You’re sleep deprived – stuck in an endless cycle of exhaustion and mental strain. Bedtimes aren’t just stressful, they’re traumatic. And while the Sleep Success Plan sounds great, you’re at a point where doing anything at all, is all too much. You’d love for someone – an expert – to be there as you put the Sleep Plan into action with your little one. I’ll be there – by your side. Together, we’ll do this. With the Sleepover Plan, you can relax – safe in the knowledge that your personal sleep expert is there in person – for every step of the way. I’ll be there, in person, to support you. Showing you exactly how to settle your baby, when to go in & when to wait and what happens if they cry. I’ll be your personal overnight coach to support, advise and encourage you whilst you implement the Sleep Plan.

Here are your options….

Option A - One night I will come to your home and be right by your side, supporting you throughout the tricky first night. I'll arrive in time for the all-important bedtime routine, and leave in the morning with one successful (blissful) night under your belt. Option B - Multiple nights For some parents, they need more than just a single night. So I hand you the flexibility of hiring me for as many nights as you need until you’re completely comfortable that you can go it alone.
 This is dedicated hands-on support gives you the knowledge and confidence to hit the ground running, reaching your goals more quickly
From £667 + travel      
Every family tells me that they wish they'd done it sooner so find out how I can help with your sleep challenges by booking in your no obligation Sleep Success Strategy call today.
*Consultation is phone/FaceTime but can take place in the comfort of your home.  Reasonable travel expenses are charged for in-home consultations and overnight support outside of the Brighton & Hove area.