You feel anxious about doing it all alone. You need support and daily contact. You want the ability to message me your questions, concerns, and queries as and when they arise.
  • Should I go back into her bedroom?
  • She’s getting upset now – when should I pick her up?
  • How do I settle her, after X, Y or Z?!
This package provides all the support you need. You don’t have to face a long day feeling alone.
With your 2-week program you'll get:
  • A tailored Sleep Plan & Strategy
  • 60-minute telephone consultation to talk through the Sleep Plan in detail
  • 4 x 15-minute catch-up calls, to talk through progress in more detail and plan the next steps.
  • Daily Messenger support via TELEGRAM App.  This support is worth the investment alone! We're in contact each day to review progress, tweaking and adjusting the strategy in line with how your little one is responding and keeping you on track to reach those all-important sleep goals. You have two options to choose from depending on how much hand-holding you feel you need.
The peace of mind of having me there at the end of the phone is what gives you confidence in each step of the journey.This 'high touch' approach and support is how I get my families the results they're looking for.

Sleep Success Plan £497 - Telegram Voice Note Coaching 2 x Daily check in's Mon - Fri

But if your head is foggy, and the thought of grappling with the strategy alone is JUST, TOO, MUCH. Or you're anxious about following the strategy throughout the day and worried that you won't be able to keep consistent, I completely understand and the Sleep Success Plus Plan is for you.
While the Sleep Success sounds great, you want the extra reassurance that I will be there on messenger to support and keep you (and naps!) on track all throughout the day.

Sleep Success Plus Plan £597 - Telegram Messaging Coaching 9AM - 9PM Mon - Fri


You want the reassurance of having the expert in your home to hold your hand and coach you through every moment of that crucial first night.
The energy of having me with you is the game-changer. I get to meet you, your child, and start to see the family personalities and dynamics, We prepare and run through how bedtime and the night are going to work and I'm there with you in the room, for every settle and resettle.
I know that you feel anxious. It's normal.


  • Is it going to work?
  • How will my baby respond?
  • Can I stick with the strategy when I'm so tired? 
Don't worry, I've got you!
With the Sleepover Plan, you'll be waking up the next morning full of confidence for the day and journey ahead.
With your 2-week program you'll get:
  • A tailored Sleep Plan & Strategy
  • 60-minute telephone consultation to talk through the Sleep Plan in detail
  • Daily support Monday to Friday 9 am - 9 pm via TELEGRAM messaging to help guide you through the process, helping you navigate the tricky bedtimes and nail naps at home. This nap support is invaluable for babies under 12 months!
  • 14 hours in home live support & coaching 5 pm - 7 am
  • We'll catch up every few days in one of your 4 x 15-minute catch-up calls, to talk through the next phase of the program
The ultimate start to your sleep training journey.


(additional nights, live nap support and remote live support via Video link are also available)
Every family tells me that they wish they'd done it sooner so find out how I can help with your sleep challenges by booking in your Sleep Evaluation call today.