Every family's sleep situation is unique and the challenges can vary greatly. Some families need a full bespoke sleep plan and lots of hand-holding to guide them through their journey to calm bedtimes and peaceful nights.

Others may only be struggling in one area such as non-existent naps or early waking,  or they’re just overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting information out there and just need some tailored advice on their little one's challenges.

Either way, the ShutEye Power Hour is here for you.

How does it work?

You can book directly into my calendar at a time that works for you after paying for your session.

As part of the booking, you’ll be asked to complete a Sleep Questionnaire. The questionnaire covers your current sleep routine, your sleep challenges, what you’d like to achieve, and specific questions you’d like to ask. Please share as much information as you can as this will allow us to dive straight in with the juicy content in your Power Hour

The first part of the call will focus on the areas that need changing and adjusting. In the second part we’ll go through the strategies you can follow to improve sleep and resolve your sleep challenges and lastly, we’ll go through your specific questions and make sure you’re clear on what you need to do moving forward.

There is an option to have your Power Hour recorded. If you choose this option, after the call you’ll be emailed your audio recording (within 48 hours).



What can I get help with? The short answer is...anything you like!

Understanding the root cause of your child’s sleep challenges
Age-appropriate settling techniques
Strategies to reduce night feeds or night wean
Age-appropriate daytime schedules and how to flex them
How to minimise crying & protesting
Getting both parents on the same page
Maintaining sleep may from home, holidays, through teething and illness
Ditching the dummy
Creating the perfect sleep environment
Creating a solid, healthy sleep foundation for your young baby
Successfully transition your baby to their own room
Successfully transition your toddler from cot to bed
Early waking
FROM £120




Are naps your nemesis?!

Here's how I can help you nail them in a Nap Power Hour:

What age-appropriate naps look like
Working out of your child is getting enough sleep
Reading your child’s sleep cues so you can nail daytime scheduling
Managing naps out and about
Strategies to extend naps and connect sleep cycles
Handling skipped naps
How naps will evolve as your child grows
General Q&A
FROM £120