Life as a new parent is full of emotion. Those highs and lows can be downright exhausting as you hit the steepest learning curve of your life and you realise that the world of baby sleep is mind blowing. Endless hours in the small hours of the night spent Googling "Why will my baby only sleep in my arms?" or "My 4 month old was only waking once a night and now it's every hour!"


60-minute consultation

During our time together, you'll get tailored advice on any changes and introductions that need to make to your little ones sleep routine as well as general knowledge on navigating the bumpy '4-month regression', setting a solid sleep foundation, nap routines, and who to handle sleep as your baby develops.

The plan includes:

  • Review of Sleep Questionnaire
  • 60-minute phone consultation with tailored advice and Q&A

Prices from £130

Need a written plan to follow as well as the Consultation? No problem!

  • Include a comprehensive Sleep Plan (suitable from birth to 5 months) £200 total

  • Include a tailored Sleep Plan & Strategy £260 total

Please note that there is no ongoing follow-up support with these plans.


Tailored Sleep Plan | 60-minute consultation | 4 coaching calls | 1 week What's App support

You have so many questions and need guidance on how to implement the plan.

As well as the Sleep Plan and consultation, you'll also get a weekly 15-minute coaching call and one week of daily What's App support. The support is priceless as you'll be able to check in with the expert, ask all your questions, and find out if you're on track. We'll be able to tweak the plan and make the all-important adjustments, based on how your baby is responding. 

Prices from £397


Tailored Sleep Plan | 60-minute consultation | 4 coaching calls | 2 weeks What's App support

Everything in #1 plus longer support. You have endless questions, or feel anxious and just want a little more hand-holding and want to check in with an expert more regularly.

With this plan, you'll have 4 x 15-minute catch up calls and 2 weeks of daily What's App support.

Prices from £417


What's App support
Extend your What's App Support by a further 3 or 7 days
In-home or remote settling support
Have the expert with you, guiding you on how to support and settle your baby to sleep.
This service is offered in-home and virtually via a video link
Additional coaching calls
Book some extra coaching calls to help guide you through any bumps in the road and answer those never-ending sleep questions
Consultation recording
Audio recording of consultation for you to refer back to at anytime.
Every family I help tells me they wish they'd hired me sooner!
Find out how I can help with your sleep challenges by booking a no obligation Sleep Evaluation call today.
*Consultation is phone based but can take place in the comfort of your home.  Reasonable travel expenses are charged for in home consultations and in home support outside of the Brighton & Hove area.