Families come to me because they want results and the results I get, will transform your family’s life. 
I look at your child’s sleep holistically. Quite simply that means that we meet all of your child’s needs.
My one-to-one coaching programs, which are tailored to your family, work in phases. I take you from where you are today, on a gradual journey to where you want to be in the short, medium, and long term depending on your sleep goals.
I work in a very unique high touch, supportive way with Messenger, so you have me in your back pocket, allowing me to hold and guide you each step of the way.
With a reassuring commitment of my full support, until your sleep goals are reached, RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED.
I ask for that energetic commitment back from any family considering hiring me. Because of this, I only work with families that are a match for me and the way that I work.
Book your Sleep Evaluation call to see if we are a good fit.


You feel anxious about doing it all alone. You need support and daily contact. You want the ability to message me your questions, concerns, and queries as and when they arise. This package provides all the support you need. You don’t have to face a long day feeling alone.


Feel fully held, supported and reassured having the expert in your home to hold your hand and coach you through every moment of that crucial first night. 


Each individual Sleep Plan and strategy is created around your child and parenting style. I’ll write this strategy from scratch when, and only when, I have a deep understanding of your family. You'll fill out an in-depth online Sleep Questionnaire sharing about day to day life, sleep environments, schedules etc and your all important sleep goals.


This isn’t a matter of if you’ll succeed. You will, no question. And it all begins with an hour’s consultation. 60 minutes to talk through your Sleep Plan in detail. Here’s what to expect…


 Hone in on the changes that need to be made and why

 Understand exactly how you’ll implement these changes, step by step

Be 100% happy and ready to implement the plan


After your consultation, and with your strategy being put into action we'll keep in contact. I’ll monitor your progress, make adjustments and tweak the plan to ensure that you and your little one stay on track and we reach your sleep goals.


Skip the waitlist and start your program within 48 hours,  add on some live support and guidance at bedtime or have your consultation recorded to refer back to with these OPTIONAL ADD ON'S.


When you make your booking, you’ll fill in a form to give me some background on your current sleep challenges and what you’re looking to achieve if we were to work together. 
In the call, I’ll ask you some more questions so I can give you some clarity on the sleep challenges, whether your sleep goals are realistic and achievable, and whether we are a good fit to work together.
If we are a good fit, I’ll share further details on my support packages and services and discuss more how I work and can help you reach your sleep goals.

What are the next steps after the Sleep Evaluation call?

If we are a good fit, you’ll be sent your Next Steps email.
This email contains 
  1. Sleep Questionnaire for completion
  2. Support Packages to choose from
  3. My next available start date
The start date offered to you will be held for 48 hours and the date will be confirmed (by email) as long as the Sleep Questionnaire, package and payment are received within this time.
We can discuss a suitable start date, and of course and find one that works for us both.
Your Sleep Plan will be written and then sent to you the day before the consultation so that you have the opportunity to read through and make some notes.
During the consultation, I will talk through the Sleep Plan and go into more detail on the strategy and any settling techniques, and of course cover all the questions that you have.
At the end of the consultation, we’ll confirm when you’ll be starting. The Telegram messaging support group will be set up for 9 am on the start date.

"Her support really helped us remain consistent where we had previously floundered and I found her approach gentle and flexible (unlike many of the books!)."