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3 naps to 2, 2 to 1 and then the time comes when your little one isn’t so little anymore and they decide that napping is for losers and they’d much rather hang out with you in the day. Gone are those golden, quiet moments when you can put your feet up have a hot(!) cup of tea and chill for an hour of alone time.

Naps are super important for our bubba’s and equally important time out for us, especially in those early days when you’re running on caffeine and love. Stealing some shut-eye when they’re napping can be the only way you make it through the day. Unfortunately I was never one of the lucky ones who could sleep when their baby was sleeping…pounding the streets with the buggy for a 20 minute cat nap was our daily drill!

It really surprises me how much the timing of nap transitions varies from family to family and it’s by far the number one question that I get asked in my final wrap up call after working with them.

There are some pretty generic times when these nap transitions should happen and you can hear all about it in my latest video. For some babies, the timings can be really crucial and if you get it wrong, sleep starts to fall apart at other times of the day!

Do you think that happened to you? Hit me up with your nap transitions questions.


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