I really want my 7-month-old to nap for longer in his cot,

Another fab question and I’m pleased that this has been asked because I know that so many parents think that sleep training means rigid schedules and staying in the house all day to stick to napping in the cot.

Let me tell you that it doesn’t and staying in the house all day is not going to help you or your child at all. They need stimulation, Vitamin D, daylight and fresh air to help meet their needs and make them tired.

It’s about striking a balance.

For a 7-month-old baby, I would recommend at least one nap out and about each day. It doesn’t matter which one, you work that around your plans but just try and time the nap in the pram with when your baby would normally want to sleep.

What happens if the nap is short? Then you try and help them catch up with a long nap at home later or slightly earlier bedtime.

Even if you need to be out of the house for every nap on some days, that’s ok, that’s life. Just strike the balance and have a calmer day at home the following day.

Don’t be a slave to your baby’s sleep but do respect their needs.

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