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I know that I, just like most of you out there, spent needless cash on various products that claimed they would get our baby to sleep, keep her asleep for longer or get her back to sleep when she woke up.

Because we were failing hopelessly at the all of the above, we shelled out with eternal hope but ended up just filling the cupboard with more useless B.S. ‘stuff’.

Now, there are some really great products that can help your little one sleep better; blackout and white noise are great examples and I thinking about it, I will write another post for you guys on the products that I recommend and the things that you can seriously avoid. Watch out for that one.

But for this week, I’m going to save you around £160 by talking about one product in particular: The SleepyHead Grande.

Do you have one or thinking of buying one?

Then hold ya horses there Mummy and check out my latest video ‘Ditch the SleepyHead and your baby will sleep better’ so you don’t become too itchy fingered on the Amazon Prime ‘buy it now’ button!

If you want to put your £160 to better use and get some help to resolve your sleep challenges once and for all then you need a strategy. I’m your girl so book in a Sleep Success Strategy Call with me where we work out what exactly is causing your sleep challenges and what is getting on the way of you resolving them.
Complimentary for my Sleep Seekers, that’s another saving of £57…has Christmas come early or what???

My pleasure,

Sofie 🙂
(A Mum that has been there)

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